• Christina Swearingen

Saturday's baking project

Updated: May 25

I am finally able to sit and type my first Blog. My daughter is napping, my older sons are outside and my husband went to the gym. Serenity at last! Today's baking included Neapolitan cupcakes for a customer's daughter's birthday. I frosted with 3 colors and used a buttercream frosting. I was apprehensive about how the layers of the batter would come out, but success! I've seen in other recipes where only two layers of batter were used. I wanted to try for 3, chocolate, vanilla and Strawberry. My morning was a bit hectic with the typical Saturday morning activities such as breakfast, parenting the kids and cleaning the house. (Saturdays are my cleaning days). I feel blessed and lucky that I am able to bake and make delicious foods for customers and that I am able to do it from my home. I eventually want to open a bakery once we move back to the states and are settled there. Currently we are stationed overseas so baking from my home is my only option at the moment. I enjoy it and like that my house constantly smells delicious! Now with everything being completed, I am ready to relax the rest of my weekend until I tackle Monday's baking project, which is a Vanilla keto cake for a customer. Have a beautiful weekend friends!

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