• Christina Swearingen

Baking cakes today

Some days feel like they go by faster than others. Ever feel that way? That is definitely today for me. Baking some cakes today, then making some other items for a custom order that is being picked up later. Making a small birthday cake for my girlfriend since tomorrow is her birthday. The other cake I am making today is a memorial cake for the client's mother who passed and she wants to remember her. I am going to make it beautiful for her, with butterflies too. Cakes like that hit home for me, to lose someone is so heartbreaking. I am glad I will be able to bring some beauty and joy for this client who will be celebrating tomorrow with her cake. Later this month I am hosting a baby shower for my girlfriend and am so excited to make the cake, cupcakes and some other delicious foods to help celebrate the arrival of her baby in 2 months! It has been such a surreal time during this pandemic. It is nice to bake and be able to bring small joys to customers thru my foods. Have a beautiful day, stay blessed.

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